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after check-in at Hotel Multatuli and bath, inilangsung girl out for a walk. Clock shows nearly 10 pm, but the atmosphere around Amsterdam Central Station where our hotel was still pretty crowded.

You do not expect to discover the magnificent sights like the Colosseum or the Eiffel tower or a metropolis like London. Amsterdam is a city that offers an exotic atmosphere with its distinctive buildings are at once ancient classics as well. Dozens of canals that cut through this city makes every corner of the street looks beautiful. Time seemed to walk slower here, enjoy the city of Amsterdam with ease.

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The area is known as the Old Centre (old city) is a tourism center here includes also includes a region called the red light district. Despite its name quite frightening and if in other cities typically shunned people, red light district in Amsterdam became one of the icon and a major destination for tourists. Prostitution is forbidden in many countries it legally and become the main income countries because the pramunikmat it (hehe ... disopankan few names) must be large enough to pay taxes to the state.


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